Payment on our website is made in two ways:

- Bank card

- Payment using the service "Shares" from Tinkoff Bank

The service "Shares" allows you to purchase goods comfortably and quickly, dividing the total purchase amount into four equal payments without commission and overpayments. The advantage of the service is that you get the desired purchase immediately after the first payment. The service "Shares" is not an installment plan!

You can pay for goods with cards of any payment systems as follows: 

1. Create a shopping cart on the website

2. Select payment by "Shares" in the payment method column

3. You must enter your full name, phone number and bank card details to pay for the purchase

4. Pay 25% of the total cost online when placing an order

5. The remaining three parts of the payment will be debited from your account with an interval of two weeks.

Before each next payment, the customer is notified of the payment amount and the date of debiting. On the day of payment, the service will automatically debit funds in the amount of the next payment from the bank card linked to the account in the service "Shares".

The payment schedule is available on the website "Shares" and in the mobile application "Shares".

The client can manage their payments through the mobile app "Shares": make regular payments, change bank card details, track the payment schedule. Partial or full early repayment of the cost of the order through the mobile application "Shares" is possible.

IMPORTANT! The "Shares" service cannot be used when buying a gift certificate.

*The use of the "Shares" service is free for the client.

Additional information about the "Shares" service can be found on the website

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